OpenHack Malmö & Lund 2017

There are several challenges that we face in building a sustainable and secure future for tomorrow. OpenHack is an opportunity for coders to become tech-volunteers and contribute to the greater good. Attend OpenHack and take your chance to meet other inspiring participants as well as use your skills in cases that tackle humantarian and social challenges. OpenHack was founded in 2015 and since then we've hosted hackatons with challenges from external partners like Röda korset, Sida, Läkare utan gränser and Unicef.

Participating in the hacking are people that are interested in programming, design or technical solutions and that are willing to dedicate 48 hours to try to build a solution or conceptual product that solves or partly solves one of the provided case issues (or a separate problem presented by themselves). Participants will work in teams, with guidance from both the challenge contributor and technical experts.


The challenges provided for each hackathon will be published on our webpage and through social media beforehand to prepare the participants and to inspire the best possible ideas.

Examples of previous challenges include:

  • SIDA requested help with ensuring its financial aid had reached its intended destination and with what effect. 
  • Doctors Without Borders requested ideas on how to reduce unnecessary destruction of medicine in the supply chain from its origin to the destination.
  • Ushahidi requested help on how their crowd platform could be improved in regards to gather, map, and analyze information after a disaster.



We are very happy about the partnership with OpenHack and we are looking forward to see all the ideas that the Hackathon teams will come up with during the weekend in Malmö.

Technology division at ÅF develops digital concepts and solutions connecting our strong competence areas within IT, embedded systems and digitalization closer to the infrastructure-, energy- and industry business. Coding for humanitarian challenges is even more important and fully in line with ÅF’s sustainability strategy.

Hackathon Overview

The hackathon is free for participants thanks to financial backing from corporate sponsors and goodwill and help from volunteers and other supporting organizations. Food will be provided and sleeping arrangements will also be made. The 48 hour hackathon takes place during the weekend, Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon (1-3 December).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Participate?

Nothing! It's completely free so make sure to sign up as soon as possible.

I’m Not Sure If I’m Qualified Enough To Join The Hackathon…

Sure you are! What are you talking about? Anyone can help make a difference, which is what we’re all about.

Where Do I Sleep?

At the hackathon facilities. Remember to bring your own sleeping bag and mattress.

Will There Be Food?

Yes! Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be cared for. Complimentary snacks and drinks will also be available.

Will There Be Any Prizes?

Other than the feeling of doing something great for someone in need? 
Yes, winners will receive help packages from our corporate sponsors to 
further realize and kick-start their ideas.

Do I Have To Produce A Finished Product During The Hackathon?

No, you have 48 hours at your disposal and your contribution can range anywhere from a powerpoint presenting wireframes/mockups to clickable prototypes/proof-of-concepts to fully functional applications. The more developed the solution is, the better! 

What If I Don’t Have A Team?

You will have the opportunity to meet the other participants on the first day and we will make sure that everyone has a team.

I Don’t Have An 'Idea' To Work On.

No worries, we will make sure you have an project to work on 

When Does The Hackathon Start?

Orientation will be held between 17:00 and 18:30 on Friday, which will be followed by opening ceremony and discussion of cases.

Can I Work On Multiple Projects?

Of course you can. The more ideas you have the more backups you can fall back to if your first choice does not work out.

Who Will Be In The Jury?

Highly positioned representatives from our corporate sponsors and aid organizations.

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Challenges OpenHack Malmö 2017

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Organized by Engineers Without Borders

Kristian Berg

Project Manager

Simon Persson

Logistics Manager

Hannah Lindblad

PR Manager

Karl-Oskar Rikås

Partner Coordinator